Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Carnival in Klagenfurt

Well since my hairdresser gave me the idea to dress up for the carnival I needed to find some geniuses who would go along. Well buying the guys beer did the trick in persuasion. Some stuff from the back of the cupboard did the trick and there we are. It could not get any more embarrassing - but it was worth it and the guys agree.

Yeah I know, one needs hair to go to a Hairdresser :).

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Beauty of Austria

Actually I wanted to get the year 2008 together before I start putting up the first current post, but this morning was so beautiful that I had to capture it and put it online. Normally Klagenfurt is quite foggy in the winter but now and then the sky is clear and a great view on the alps appears. This is why I had no trouble signing myself in for the job.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wörthersee Triathlon 2008

So there I was waiting for the triathlon to start, little nervous again but I tried to stay calm, as the pictures shows. It was at the shore of my new swimming pool, the Wörthersee.
After waiting quite a long time, I was much to early there, we all got into the water. A shot was fired and I started crawling like mad. This time we were quite close together and arms were flinging everywhere. A kick here and a slap there, I had to get out of this madness so I swam and overtook one after the other. I got together with some guys swimming the same speed and I went for it. It was hard, I was tired and had no energy at all and quite early I had to fight the urge to slow down. Well after about 1km I already saw the fishing house were the transition zone was. I aimed for it... but what is this, why was there a granny and grandpa knitting on the porch. Oh, s$#! wrong fishing house. I had to turn a little and aim for the right house.
I got out, my stomach hurt, the same story as in Erlangen. I took a energy gel which took away the hunger and so I got on the bike. 2 Rounds with quite a hard hill to start with. Well as useual I was bloody slow, hands on the brakes and well.... just shameful.
But then I changed to running and had to give the best. My legs were hurting but I had to give everything. I took it to easy in Erlangen and I knew there is enough energy left.
A great triathlon, it was great fun.

76th place in 02:08:41h (00:22:36 / 01:08:02 / 00:35:19). It should have been 1.5km/40km/1okm but it was all much shorter, I would guess 1.4km/36km/9km.