Thursday, 30 April 2009

Special Guest in Erlangen

Due to my work I am back in Erlangen for two weeks. Since I am still a member of TV48 Erlangen I went to my old swim training. I was standing at the pool and who was there, Faris Al-Sultan. I could not believe it, I was training with him. After a hard day it really ended in a nice surprise.
Well to be precise he swam in the next lane with my training colleagues who are in the faster group, but lets not split hairs ;).

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Duathlon Moosburg

My first Duathlon I attended and so I thought it would be a good idea to start easy. Just take part and take it as a training. Full throttle would not be possible since I did a 18km run the night before. My Colleague Jonas did see this differently and I assured him that we stay together the whole time. I would pull him on the run and he will help me on the bike. Oh yeah, it was the first time for me to ride in someones slip stream, which was aloud in this race.
Well, we started running and it was hard. Jonas put in quite a pace but I kept up and still had some energy left, but not much. Well I got onto the bike and drove off not waiting for Jonas because I knew he would catch up and he takes his time with 1+min in the transition zone - I think he had to adjust his bra. Well as I said he caught up at about 3km with a pack of others. He shouted at me to get along and I did. My muscles ached and so we lost the pack but soon cling on to a new group of 2 which was very fast. We had an average speed of 37km/h which was tremendous for me. It was great fun. But to be honest I had not enough energy to lead for a while. Jonas was fit and did a great job upfront.
As we came off the bike I knew that was the maximum, my muscle just did not respond anymore. Jonas described my running style as: "running like a wounded duck" (ger.: "wie eine angeschossene Ente"). After about 1.5km it got better and we got back some speed and finished.

It was great running with a training colleague. The only thing that bothered me is, that I suck on the bike and Jonas did all the work. But still is was one great event!
My time: 27:01 / 59:25 / 15:13 with 7km / 37km / 3.5km (run/bike/run). Officially the bike track should have been 30km.

Friday, 3 April 2009

3 Weeks nothing

Right after the 8h week training I got sick - which I thought as impossible. Even though I was able to work, sport was out of the question. I could not do anything, it was horrible. I recently started running again and hoped I will get back into motion. Yesterday I did a 3.2km swim, which was great since I really thought I could start all over again.

Well, I am back on my feet and can not wait to get to my full training... starting NOW!