Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Gap In The Space-Time Continuum

Opening googleearth or googlemaps will reveal at position 46°37'41.5'' North longitude and 14°05'37'' East latitude a gap in the space-time continuum. A short piece of road from the Kärtner-Bundesstraße 83 is misplaced. This is the road along north shore of the Wörthersee. Following the road will reveal at least one more gap.

The other side

So today I planned a long run. But were should I run to? It was going to be a very hot day so I thought it was a good idea to make short stops at my flat to refill on water and maybe get a bite to eat. This would have meant to run back and forth to the Wörthersee which would have been a little boring. Kathrin, a friend of mine, offered to join me by bike and carry beverage and my energy bars. Well this made it much more interesting and I could satisfy an ambitious of mine to finally make it to the other side of the Wörthersee, to Velden. It was great and I felt great, back and forth with a nice 4:53min pace.
The view along the shore was beautiful - Lake and Mountains what does one want more? The top of the mountain was still covered in snow making it even more impressive. And afterwards I just relaxed at the beach and cooled down in the icy water.

Big thanks to Kathrin for the support!