Sunday, 22 November 2009

24h swim - Bad Radkersburg

So this friend of mine convinced me to take part at a 24h swimming contest in Bad Radkersburg. No idea how he made me go along. Well I said yes so I had to go.
My plan was to swim about an hour, make 3km and then make a pause for 15min. Funny thing was that I actually was quite fit but swimming in a 50m pool gets to your head. It was quite dull and after 4 hours I had to get out. The pause was quite long but I just could not swim any more it was too boring. Physically everything was fine I was not exhausted, the monotonicity just got to me. Nothing happens in the water and try that one hour long. The only thing one had to do is to overtake the guys in a lane, the only change. If it was not for that I would have gone completely mad. Back in the water after another hour my right shoulder started to hurt like hell and I had to stop. That was it, I already had to stop after 12km. I thought the event was over for me. So I went to bed and slept for 9h. I got out and my friend already did 25km so I really wanted to get back in and try how my shoulders would do. It still hurt but changing my stroke style helped perfectly. Another 14km in about 6h. This day went much better and I started to enjoy it.
Sadly it ended but with my bad shoulder I was happy about getting out of the water.
I just was sad since I only made 26 km (522 laps, each 50m) with a pure swimming time of about 8h30min. Maybe next time? Not yet sure.

update: A picture of me and my friend Hannes after about 20h of the event... still having fun and yes he had no neo and still did 10km more than me.

Kosiak Löwe - chickened out

So I am way behind with writing, but not much to report. I just chickened out of the Kosiak Löwe. I already signed up for the race, which was a 13km bike ride uphill (mountain bike) and then about 3-5km uphill run. The run did not bother me but I am not much of a mountain biker. So the week before I tried it with a friend of mine and the first 8km were normal road and were no trouble. Then it got little bit off road but still no trouble. But the last 3km were horrible, they put rubble on the road and I had real trouble to keep a straight line and the handlebar under control. I got up with just falling off the bike twice, since I had clicks and did not get out of them fast enough. I think that is nothing for me.

Downhill the rubble part was even worse and my natural chickeness of biking did not help so I fell onto the rubble and grazed my leg. But the normal road downhill was great fun, the cars could not even keep up - it was super.
At the bottom I noticed that my leg was hurt worse than I thought and small stones were underneath my skin like splinter so I washed that out. Well for the kosiak it was not fun enough so I cancelled that race.