Friday, 26 February 2010

I got a trainer

I friend of mine, Thomas Wolkerstorfer, who I already new for over a year is now my trainer. He is a great physiotherapist, which came in handy after he massaged away some pretty awful cramps - after the massage they were gone as if never there. From now and then we talked a little about training and training plans and noticed he was well informed. Well I am not a pro but I try to read a lot about training and compiling the right training plan. After we sat down he was not just good informed but a pro. He has great consolidated knowledge of right nutrition, body physics and specific training for different disciplines. He pointed out that I should change some parts of my training plans and also change my types of trainings, like the interval training which I did much to intense. It did not take long to convince me that he be making my training plans from now on. After a lactate test he will individual fit my training - I can not wait for it.
A photo of him at a camping trip we did last summer with a bunch of friends.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


A great skiing holiday in Maria Alm. The Alps are just beautiful in summer, in winter actually at all seasons. I took a 1 week vacation to go skiing and relax like here on the picture were I am on one of the huts eating Kassnocken and drinking Weissbier.
The skiing was also a great training for the upcoming season. Last year we had the best powder snow ever. It was up to my hip and even deeper which was one of the greatest skiing experiences. This year I did some mogul pistes and it was bloody exhausting - just what I wanted. After seeing more than one good skier going down those mogul pistes I had to learn to ski them down. Well it was no great success, it felt like being thrown around in a washing machine and I thought it must have looked like it as well. My brother promised me that it did look quite cool, but I know there is still a lot to learn. My brother the madman still skiing on his old 2.07m skies, also went down the mogul pistes - big respect! When it comes to nice, rapid ski-swerve he is definitely an ace. On the new skies he would be unstoppable. Here he is taking a snap shot of the landscape.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Sione Page online

Finally, the new page from sportart is up. Was about time to remove the old page ;). There is even an extra column "Athlete" and yeah I am in it. We made a special foto shooting for it. I will start posting some of them as well here.
Sione bikes make custom concept, which makes it for me so special. It is not just the great customer care but the bike was fitted to my personal need. It is just a joy to ride it.
And since one URL is not enough, Thorsten reserved the whole internet:

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Surreptitious advertising

My Bike dealer is having a sell in his shop. I can definitely advise anybody who want to start with biking. This is the price range I also started with, but my bike was no Sione and I had no fun with it. An individual fit and good customer service will give great feel and fun on your rides.