Monday, 22 March 2010

Fourth Ski Tour

Thorsten found it a good idea to take me to Goldeck, a black piste which we need to ascend. My first thought was "great idea". It went quite steep up from the start and already after a couple of hundred meters I was sweating from head to toe. At the steepest part I slid done and I really had to fight the urge to just call it a day. And this was only 30min in.
Thorsten needed to wait every part of the way but he is great sportsman an took me up. It seemed that the trail had no end but after 3h I finally reached the summit. It was hard and we instantly went into the nearest hut for refreshment. The way down we tried our best but we really were worn out, but we made it.

Big thanks to Thorsten for taking me up and waiting for me, he could have done it in half the time.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My First Ski Tour

After I went up with ski shoes I needed to get me some touring skiies. The same week I went shopping and bought them. I could not wait to get on top of these lovely mountains surrounding me. But I still had to wait 2 weeks since I was away on business. But yesterday was finally the day. Thorsten and I made a great tour on the Verditz. I was awesome.
The whole day was kind of wicked. I got up ate breakfast, slept half an hour jogged 12km to Pörtschach were we drove to Verditz for the 2h30min tour. Getting back from the tour another half an hour sleep and went to the one hour swim training - some easy technique training. Was a great way to finish the day but then I was bushed.

Monday, 1 March 2010

My First Skishoes

Actually, I wanted it to call it: My first Ski Tour, but since I did use Skishoes it would not be quite correct. This weekend (28th of February) I went up the Gerlitzen together with my friend Thorsten who owns the greates bike shop. It was great but very windy, they even had to stop the lifts due to safety reasons. We got to the peek anyhow and it was worth it, as you can see from the picture.
The next day Thorsten drove me to the sports sop and I bought myself some touring equipment... can not wait to get up the mountains again.