Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My first International Triathlon

Klagenfurt 5150 was held for the first time and Sione Riders were of course taking part. After a great season start in Pörtschach I was hopping to keep up the performance so no fouling about. Jonas and Miriam were my support team and did a great job - Morals support, Chearing and Screaming ;). So the first wave started, the Pros. Then the main age group got ready for the start so off into the water and look for a good position to start, of course at the front. As the starting shot was fired I gave everything to get out of the main field to the front. Everything went as planned apart from some kicks and hits in the face, the usual. Round the Loretto into the Lend and now the long part started. Just a long channel which seems to have no end and I got slower and slower. At least I could here Jonas through the water screaming his lungs out, which kept me awake. A sharp turn at the end and out of the water, a fast run into the transition made up at least 3 positions. Onto my beloved Sione K11.5, and make it a great ride. Not my best discipline but I needed to keep the position. First uphill which wore me out after the swim. No time for self pity, so on I went. After the first round I had an average of 36.5km/h but suddenly I got tired so I chucked down a energy bar and got back on the hill. About 8 people overtook me, which is less than usual so it seems I was doing ok. The second round was still bad and I got cramps at the end and this would kill my only hope, the run. Through the transition, picking up my goggles which I seemed to have lost earlier and into my running shoes. Everything started to cramp up, but I had to run. I fought and could only do small steps. Jonas and Miri fired me up, which gave me a load of energy every time I passed them. The last km was the longest, but not because my legs were filled with led but they had a bit of error in there measurement and signs - it was about 1.5km long.
But after 2:22:02 h I got to the finish line, got a great 60th place (12th age group).
Other Sione Riders were:
Alex Nussbaumer (2:11:46h) ranked 30th (4th age group) and improved greatly to last year. Gratulation!
Melanie Križ had her first Triathlon debut and did a great 3:19:35h. Gratulation!
The Bike was about 44km and the run about 10.5km so not quite a perfect olympic distance.

Monday, 23 May 2011

My fírst Competition 2011

Season 2011 has officially started for me with a quick 5km run, organised by the local fire brigade ( Jonas, my fellow Sione Rider, signed me up, of course without my knowledge and approval. I found that out on the evening on the day before after a hard bike ride, at least Jonas also had a hard training week as well. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Up in the morning, a full breakfast and coffee. I was so full, I was about to lose my breakfast literally on the bike ride to Jonas. A quick warm up, let the time pass and off we go and as usual to fast: Started off with a 3:30min/km pace and felt like stepping it up a notch. It just felt great but then out of nowhere, I was empty. The legs were great, no trouble there, but my chest started hurting and breathing was a pain. So that meant 3km through pain... go for it. Keep with the group and do not break away, was all what I thought. Through the turn at 2.5km and back again, just keep it together. My pace broke down to 4:15min/km. I had to get back on track and so I just bit down and tried to gain some and pick up the pace again, firm my position and brought it home. 8th place (18:17min) and Jonas with a great 14th position (19:11min). The third Sione Rider was Alexander Nussbaumer who is just out of our league with 36:06min on 10km and a 3rd position in his age group - congratulation.
All in all, great start of the season and right in between our normal training.
Well it is not over. We got our beloved bikes and around the Wörthersee which was closed for cars today. Miriam (Sione Rider number 4) joined us and she is a great cyclist, she can keep up, no problem. Back home, quick transition and into the running shoes again.
A great day sports fans!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

My First Bike Ride 2011

I have been staring outside at the sun from inside the office for the last couple of days, even weeks. Well not today. I got my adorable Sione K11.5 dressed up nice and warm and got out. Who says you can not go bike riding during winter?
It was exactly what I needed and it was great. The lake behind me on the photo was frozen, but still a beautiful sunshine. Well not quite my best picture, the helmet kind of gives/makes me an egg head ;).