Sunday, 11 April 2010

My First Bike Ride In 2010

So finally the weather was getting better an I could get my dream bike out for a ride. The training said 90min but I wanted to go out with the guys and Thorsten already had a nice tour planned. I was fit and in a good mood, after 30min very slow warm up as we were picking up Thorsten in Pörtschach we started the tour. It was the first time I was in a group of four, normally riding on my own or Jonas. A new experience, because you need to be more focused keeping up if you are in the slipstream or keep the pace if you are upfront. Furthermore, there is not much space to manoeuvre. 90 min was the plan, but I knew with these guys it will be longer. But after 2 hours and 30 minutes we were suddenly at the Gerlitzen, a Mountain I usually go skiing or touring and 30min by motorway from home. My energy reserves were depleted and I was kinda bushed. Turning around was no option, I just had half an energy bar I gorged down and my drink was nearly empty. We stopped for 3min to get the rhythm out of our system and then on it went. Now hunger struck really hard and so I kept myself at the back and was just trying to keep up. Jonas who also was having trouble suddenly got a push of energy and lead the group from now on - no idea how he did that. A small photo session in Reifnitz (the fourth bike rider already left us in Villach) and then the last km back home. A quick shower, protein shake and meet with the guys again at a birthday party to fill our stomach. The host already knew what was needed and there was plenty and delicious food (meat fondue and raclette).

... a great tour and a great day.