Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My First Berlin Marathon

An early flight and fit for my third Marathon. Three mad guys from Klagenfurt joined to come along, Wolki my trainer and two friends, Alex and Chris. The three men cheer group grew to 6, since my sister and my parents were coming to Berlin as well.The weather did not play along since it was already raining a day before the start, but at least the temperature was perfect for me. Sunday 9 a.m. a shot was fired and the run started. The first km was hard to get through, but then I managed to keep a nice pace. I knew it was going to be hard but I could keep the pace just right. But then out of nowhere my thighs had enough, they just did not want to go any further. Already after 22km the energy was gone. Damn, how could this happen. This should be my day, what should I do? I just did not want to lose to much time and keep under 3h, that was still possible. But one runner after another overtook me. This was bad and it just kept on getting worse. The pain just grew and nothing helped. I soon realised that all these annoying phrases:"pain is temporary, glory is for ever", "pain is weakness leaving the body" are just hollow words - just nonsense. They do not help they just make you realise that you are in pain. It was either to give up or keep going, not more and not less. Maybe next time I would have a fresh start, next time I would be fitter. Or should there even be a next time? This is just a big fight and withstanding the pain. Slowly the kilometres passed, one after another. At about 34km it got a little better and at 37km I got my coke. Sugar helps. Passing this point, it would not be far to the end so on I went. I could hardly move my legs but I kept running. Just before the 42km mark the watch said 3h. What a frustration but no stopping now and just get it to the end. In Berlin running "Unter den Linden" through the Brandeburger Tor is just great and lets you forget for a second that everything burns. Then comes the finish line and I made it. As soon as I started walking the pain tripled. About 3:04h a good improvement to my last marathon but I have a to learn.
Big thanks to: Thomas Wolkensdorfer (Trainer)
My Parents who made it to at least 7 Positions each along the route - Just great, it really helped me to keep going.
Thorsten Rasch (Gruru and Sponsor)
Chris and Alex (Fans)
My Sister (Fan)
Again Thanks to all of you

Damn, the rush does not stop I think I need another Marathon :)

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